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A Letter From The President of DHWS

18 November, 2009

Dear Friends,

Here, at Dogue Hollow Wildlife Sanctuary, we are almost at the end of our second year as a nonprofit organization. It’s been, and still is, a very busy year.

We have given sanctuary to twice the number of orphaned and injured raccoons, when compared with 2008 and still have 26 in residence, this late in the year. Many of these will be spending the winter at Dogue Hollow as they are too young to be released before the harsh winter weather sets in.

There are several raccoons that are still living in the nursery, and in desperate need of a larger cage, but we have no place available to move them too. Financially we have done well this year but, regrettably, we did not receive double the donations over our first year. We are out of funds and in dire need of more outdoor enclosures. We need to expand!

However, before we can begin building new enclosures, a concrete floor must be laid and we just don’t have the $950 needed for that first step. All the wood and hardware cloth with which to construct the enclosures, we already have, so I’m sure you can imagine our frustration at having the construction materials, but not enough money for the very foundations on which to build.

Please help us achieve our goals to provide these wild orphans with a safe and spacious environment in which to live, until it’s time to release them back to their natural habitat, next spring.

To all our friends, past and future supporters, and those of you who have brought us injured or baby raccoons in the past, we know you have generous hearts and are compassionate towards saving wildlife, and you have all been our foundation in the past, so it is our hope that we can count on your support now.

Thank you in anticipation of your generous donation.

          Jenna Such, President
          Virginia State Licensed Rehabilitator
          Category IIA, License # 025982

TO MAKE A DONATION – Please send checks to:
DHWS, POB 895, Lorton, VA 22199-0895
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