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Dogue Hollow Wildlife Sanctuary is a non-profit organization,
located in Fairfax County, dedicated to caring for orphaned and injured wildlife.
We specialize in raising raccoons. Rehabilitated animals are released back into their native environment after they have fully recovered from injuries. Orphans are usually released around six months of age.

We rely entirely on donations from the public
to help us continue to assist animals in need. Thank you in anticipation of your generous
tax-deductible donation. Learn more about providing a financial donation or volunteering your time in our effort.

"Some of you have been most generous with your support
and I do hope you will continue to help us on a regular basis.
I thank you all, new friends and old, in anticipation of your
big heart and generous donation."

          Jenna Such, President
          Virginia State Licensed Rehabilitator
          Category IIA, License # 025982

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